Frequently Asked Question?

Find out all the answers to the important questions we find most people have when engaging a service provider. We are open and transparent and happy to answer any questions you may have. We also have a fully published copy of our service agreement for you to read through before you even reach out.

Nope! We have an ethical pricing model, which means all our prices are based on the actual operating costs of our business. We don't increase our prices just because we can. This means you can get more from your NDIS Plan!

Nope not at all! We don't charge you anything to get to or from you. The only time you pay for any travel is when your Support Partner takes you somewhere or runs an errand for you.

To cancel a booking all we need is 1 clear business days notice from you. Cancellations with less notice will incur charges equal to the cancelled service however we will make all attempts to find alternative work for our team member or to offer you non face to face services where possible. For example, to cancel a service on a Saturday we would need confirmation of cancellation on Thursday, making Friday the clear business day. Your Support Partner will be paid in full for the cancelled shift where we do charge for this, we do not make any extra money from cancellations and will work with you to minimise them as best we can.

No regular bookings are needed, we can offer all of our services on a where needed, as needed basis, be it a one off booking, cover for your existing staff or team or on call for emergencies.

No, we only charge for the services you actually use. There's no set up or hidden costs and we will even provide free meet and greets to match you with a worker.

When our team take you in their vehicle, we charge 90c per km which is paid directly back to our staff. We will also charge for any transport related costs such as parking, fares etc at cost and pass this onto the team member who paid for them. Of course if you paid for fares or parking on the day there's no charge for these.

We do not require any kind of "minimum" booking and theres no minimum cost. We only charge you for the time we spent with you, be it for one hour or the whole day.

We support a range of people within our community, we don't discriminate at all however our team is specialised and trained in many aspects of neurodiversity. This means the majority of the people we work with are neurodivergent and may have other diagnosis too. Because our team are specialists and come from mental health or neurodiverse backgrounds, many do not have any formal training in personal care, manual handling, hygiene tasks etc. It means these services can be limited or attract wait times for access. We are happy to help you find other providers who may specialise in these areas too.