Assistance to Access the Community

From your Core Budget

Your Core budget with NDIS also includes assistance to access the community, similar to the daily living and personal care budgets, this is designed to support you in all things outside of your home. 

There’s no right or wrong way to access the community, not every event needs to be an adventure unless thats what you want to do. 

You may need a body double to get the grocery shopping done, or a pep talk before your next doctors appointment and someone to help make a list of things to ask for. Maybe you have your heart set on that next big music concert or festival, a local theatre performance or that community group you’ve been meaning to go to.

Our team aren’t just there to get a coffee and walk you around day after day, they will be proactive and assist you in planning and meeting your goals and exploring your interests and building the framework you need to live your best life.

We won’t ever sit on the sidelines we are all in and take pride in genuinely participating and supporting people, without needing to look at our phones, to achieve your goals alongside you.

Core Supports
Alyv Pricing Hourly for NDIS Participants
Weekday Evenings $68.55
Weekday Nights $69.75
Saturdays $87.58
Sundays $111.38
Public Holidays $138.65