Assistance with Daily Life

From your Core NDIS Budget

Assistance with Daily Life is exactly what it sounds like. It’s supports to do anything you want or need to do as part of your every day life. 

Our team are trained in all aspects of supports for Neurodivergent individuals and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Your every day life might include housework, looking after a loved one, cooking a meal or just getting through all those unread emails. 

Sometimes all you need is a body double, or you might want to learn new skills and strategies, and when your out of spoons for the day you can rely on our team to bring their own!

We can join in your enthusiasm for your favourite hobbies, give your pets the same love and attention that you would and your groceries can be packed and organised just the way you like them. 

We are here for all the things you want to do and we understand that sometimes we need to step in if you aren’t able to. 

We can work along side your existing team, and will take your direction on how best to provide services that suit your needs. 

Core Supports
Alyv Pricing Hourly for NDIS Participants
Weekday Evenings $68.55
Weekday Nights $69.75
Saturdays $87.58
Sundays $111.38
Public Holidays $138.65