Assistance with Household Tasks

From Your Core Budget

Household tasks cover a range of services for taking care of your home and environment. We offer cleaning under this funding seperate to our regular support services. 

Our cleaners are still trained in the same way that our support workers are regarding neuroaffirming language and practices, trauma informed principals and of course the basics like privacy and confidentiality.

Cleaning services can include a wide range of tasks and our unique approach means we can often look after more than a regular cleaning service would. We are happy to do your dishes instead of wiping around them, we can do your laundry and clean your windows, anything you need as long as it’s safe for our team to do so. 

Our cleaners are also aware of the need for consistency and routine in the home so will pay close attention to ensuring items are not moved or placed in the wrong area, and we will develop a plan with you if needed about your preferences so we can reduce the amount of direction and decisions you need to make to get the services you need.  

Cleaning Services
From Your Core Budget
Services available Monday to Friday excluding public holidays