Individual Skill Building

Using your capacity building budgets

Individual Skill Building is available through budgets such as CB Increased Social and Community Participation or CB Daily Living.  These items allow you to use funding in these categories to engage support to develop and learn new skills. 

These support services can cover a large range of skills and allow a safe space to practice applying these skills in real world and natural settings rather than in an artificial space like a therapy room. 

We can target skills based on therapy reports and work collaboratively with your team or you can simply set your own targets and goals around these services, it is your choice as to how you use skill building services.

Our support partners can deliver skill building for all aspects of day to day life, so no matter where you are at we can match someone to take the next steps with you.

We can not deliver skill building that required specialised training ie. Driving lessons or therapy. These services can only be delivered by someone registered with the Department of Transport as a Driving Instructor or who is a registered therapist.

Our team deliver skill building in day to day living, so for you this could be:

Catching Public Transport
Grocery Shopping
Organisational Skills
Daily Panning and Using AT for Schedules
Interpersonal Skills
Meal Planning
Money Handling
Time Management
Developing Routines
Personal Care Skills
Communication Skills

If there’s a skill your working on, get in touch and one of our team can work with you on the support you need to make it happen!